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Last Call Trivia

Last Call Trivia

Last Call Trivia

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What is Trivia? Designed to level the playing field, Last Call Trivia Nights cover a wide range of subjects and difficulty levels across 24 questions with your favorite music in between.

Sample Question: What Dairy Queen treat’s name comes from it being so thoroughly cold that it can be held upside-down without any spillage?

Answer: Blizzard

What to expect from a Last Call Trivia game:

Get the best of the best in Trivia, all in an easy-to-use web-based app for easy hosting and game play.

Last Call Trivia is a better player experience with on-screen questions, a countdown timer, and scoreboards.

Want to draw a bigger crowd?  Get full access to our entire library of print and digital marketing assets to promote your events.

Full support from our dedicated Client Success team ensures a seamless experience, providing assistance and guidance throughout your trivia events.

Host Training and Certification guarantees that your trivia hosts are well-equipped and certified to deliver a top-notch experience, contributing to the overall success of your events.


      As seasoned Trivia Night professionals, we understand that creating a bustling audience takes time and work. That's why we're so excited to offer you an exclusive introductory rate of 40% off for the first 12 weeks.

      We've identified that this time period is when our clients really hit their stride, transforming friendly gatherings into epic trivia crowds. This unique deal is more than just a discount; it's your golden ticket to unlocking Last Call Trivia's full potential.

      So, take advantage of the opportunity, subscribe now, and begin the countdown to your trivia triumph!

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